Friday, October 21, 2016

my blogging anniversary

Today completes six years of blogging- and close to 1200 posts... with more than 82,000 hits... yes you read that correctly LOL- people have clicked on my blog posts 82,000 times in the last six years- which is quite amazing given that the first two months or so were what I would call "practice" posts....

So I thought it would be interesting to go back and do the one, two, three, four, and five year anniversary posts to see where I was and what was going on - this photo was my very first blog cover/header photo - since the whole thing about the blog was that since I was semi-retired I would now have enough time to do something like this...

so here is where we were last year on the fifth anniversary of blogging- in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

and here is where we were two years ago on the fourth anniversary - in Trieste, Italy

and here is where we were three years ago on the third anniversary of starting the blog- in China

and here is where we were four years ago on the blog's second anniversary- the Nordic Capitals (in this case Stockholm)

and here near the first anniversary of the blog - is where we were- We were preparing for a trip to Croatia and Montenegro but my closer post is about a year when we had taken three roads in traveling over about six weeks -three somewhat hair-raising trips - recounted here with

so I think you can tell from these entries that we frequently travel in October (Phil's birthday trips) and that even in the very first days of the blog - while the posts were not fully fleshed out- it was about a trip-

so on we go- I spent  a few days south to open up the condo for winter and now I am back in Chicago to get ready for Lucy and I to head down there next weekend- meanwhile the film fest - dinners at goosefoot, 42 grams and Oriole before we leave and a last lunch for the year at our favorite lunch spot mfk... oh and TB is coming to visit for a few days.... so we won't be idle LOL (like we ever are!)

So as always- stay tuned....

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