Saturday, October 22, 2016

the farewell tour 2016

So yes- I am back from opening up the condo for the winter and we are now making our rounds on what we refer to as "the farewell tour" 2016 version... like those bands of aging rockers that keep on making the rounds - so do we only we do it with our favorite restaurants - and we won't make it to all of them again before I leave in less than seven days.

So last night we made our final 2016 outing to 42 grams- one of three of our favorite run by couples with a guy who was a chef and a woman who was in business before they joined forces to create three of Chicago's most fabulous dining experiences- the other two being Goosefoot and Oriole. (a shout out to a new on our radar for Hanbun in the category of places run by couples - although that one is in LBO - maybe Willowbrook or Westmont- some W name- but look it up is worth the trek)

but back to last night - the meal was terrific as usual - with a number of new courses since we saw Jake and Alexa last the tail end of August for one of brother Steve's birthday dinners...

here is how the extremely convivial evening went- for the two of us and six other guests (Happy Birthday Vanessa!) - don't worry about the small print - you can follow along with the broken down menu - and photos---

we started with a Chassagne-Montrachet 2002 La Romanee from Girardin which was unfortunately corked but of course we had a back up bottle (just in case LOL)

This paired with the courses through the pheasant - with the pheasant going well with that or with the 1996 red burgundy - Vosne Romanee from Cacheux (it was somewhat lacking in fruit but the acidity and balance worked well with food)

Starting with a new and to-die-for course of foie with incredible crunch texture and unusual citrus (rather than sweet) notes as the presentation- 

we are always thrilled when we see our small contribution to the overall experience at 42 grams (Phil's old silver plate service that found a new home with Jake & Alexa)

The next course - also new- had so much hidden I did a shot as presented and then one as it was uncovered-

another to-die-for - especially for mushroom lovers like we are!

Pheasant with forbidden rice - oh yum!

the world's best cheeto - LOL - of course it isn't a cheeto but it crunches like on with a flavor far far far better! And since it is dusted in kale it must be healthy right? LOL

keep your lips together! LOL

a fab dessert reminiscent of sticky toffee pudding (which with ice cream is my all time favorite dessert)

and I could have a dozen cups of this "coffee" LOL light fluffy and the hint of cardamom makes for a perfect meal end!

we stayed quite a while talking to our seat mates (Vanessa and Ethan) and Jake & Alexa and hearing about their plans for their holiday get away trip... catching up before leaving town... lovely evening, lovely people and outstanding food!

and then we were up and out today for lunch at mfk - but that will be another post because they each deserve their own - food in Chicago has never been better and we are sorry that there just isn't enough time to return to Osteria Langhe or Ruxbin or Sun Wah or Ba-Le for the bahn mi.... sunshine is calling for us.... and we must answer- knowing that it won't be long before we will be doing the welcome home tour here in 2017 after a farewell tour in Florida... so stay tuned....

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