Saturday, October 22, 2016

the farewell tour 2016 part 2

So today's lunch on the farewell tour 2016 was at our favorite lunch spot - mfk

We love this little under the stairs place on  Diversey Avenue...the specialties are generally seafood oriented but they have a kick butt special order chicken ballotine that we always have to have when eating there... easy on the eyes - the delightfully decorated space puts you in an upbeat mood with artwork from a friend of the owners and the lights done by a potter friend of theirs as well... the summer picnic like seersucker napkins add a lovely comfortable touch as does the mismatched silverware.... an all around winner in our book!

we started with five from the little bites section - the ceviche and the three kinds of anchovies and the croquettes- which are ever changing...

the ceviche was made of suzuki (sea bass) and was perfectly spiced with the avocado having a kick and the citrus in the fish marinade giving it a tart balance to the slight heat-

all three anchovy dishes are fab but again the winner was the salt cured with butter and lemon zest...

 a new croquette- light as air - with potato and manchego cheese-

Phil loves meatballs and I love meatballs when they are not drenched in red sauce so we both win on this one!

the ballotine - rich gravy made it special today - the chicken had limited stuffing but was moist and tender so only a small niggly little disappointment.

the light as air but somehow rich Basque cake - we ate one and took one to go for later -

mfk fisher's seminal work on eating - tucked in a corner of the window sill - reminding us all to enjoy the moment...

the full menu for this week - if you are thinking you might like some of the other items - we were tempted by the octopus  but with the special order chicken- decided to forgo....

next week- oriole and goosefoot and how ever many other meals we can fit in around the last round of business meetings and doctor appointments and the film festival - oh yes that is still going on - and Phil saw three good movies last Thursday - two of them he raved about- in his order of preference-

so stay tuned for more- - - and hopefully it will include some words on the Cubs World series games!

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