Sunday, April 16, 2023

our home away from home-

 Our "home" for nearly seven weeks as we study Spanish in Sevilla. Our apartment has two bedrooms (only one has a closet so it's become the drying room, dressing room, storage room etc) Sharing a single bath has been a change for us!  The dining area serves as a desk for Phil and I have my computer in front of the couch. We use the doors to the bedrooms for the workouts with our trainer on ZOOM. The kitchen looks good but is pretty much useless as there is no storage space for anything. The dishes, including flatware, are all in the bookcase style cabinet in the living room. The one cabinet in the kitchen holds glasses. There IS a dishwasher in a tiny cabinet to the left of the sink and a washer in another tiny cabinet on the right hand side of the sink. But overall the place has been completely workable for the two of us. The staff is really nice! Exceptionally helpful!  But the place could use a lot of maintenance overall. Since we aren't renting long term - no big deal. The location is absolutely fabulous, right across the street from the art museum and its small park. 

so it was workable for us for the two months of school - we did wish we had an oven and a better frig (ours never got really cold) but we loved the staff at the place and found the location to be spot on for getting to and from school and into the historic center (which we were just skirting being one doorway north of Alfonso XII.....)

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