Sunday, April 16, 2023

Rounding out our school term

 so we actually are home in Chicago now - after a whirlwind ending to our time in langauage immersion classes in Spain... I will try to get this up to speed so we can face the summer travel and fun with friends without the past hanging over our heads LOL

We took a class trip on the last weekend before classes ended.  We went to Madrid. It was a weekend where the highlight was meeting Phil's cousin Megan, her husband Christian and her son Oscar on Saturday nioght.

After several years of being "penpals" researching their family trees, Phil met his cousins last night in Madrid. They live in Madrid and met us for dinner.  We were the first to arrive at the restaurant and the last to leave.  We had a super fun evening just getting to know these new "family"  members. We agreed to another get together either in Madrid or Sevilla next winter. Really looking forward to it!

Before we met with cousin Megan and her family, we arrived on Friday mid afternoon and went out for lunch at a place near the hotel where we stayed. The food was good but there was a specisal dish we just LOVED.

One of the best dishes we have had recently, Jerusalem artichokes with truffled fried egg. The veg was sliced paper thin and flash fried. The egg was in the bottom of the bowl, topped by the artichoke "chips". It was mixed tableside by the server. Terrific combination of flavors!

later that night we met the our classmates for a extremly mediocre group dinner....

the next day - Saturday we went on a City tour via bus and then stopped at the Royal Palace before going on to the Prado where the crowds were just ridiculous!

then out for a group lunch - dinner was on our own- so we met up with "family" 💕

the next day we skipped the morning and slept in - then met with the gorup to take the return high speed train back to Sevilla - to begin our last week of classes and make the rounds of favorites for dining out- 

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