Sunday, April 16, 2023

More to see in Valencia

 A walk to the Art Museum.. Through several parks. The visit to the museum would have been enhanced by a map of the collections. We didn't even find one online to use. But our walk was under clear blue skies and perfect temperatures.

and then two seafood dinners- one from the night before our museum visit and one the night of (our last night in Valencia for this trip!)

and the next place- another terrific seafood choice - 

a beautiful building on the walk home to the hotel - an orange tree in the front with fruit ready to drop- 

and the next day we were off ot the airport, and back into airport land - first in Valencia and second in Gatwick - eventually we found our way back to Chicago. With a lot of heavy lifting and toting of boxes etc. Two extra-large SUV rentals and a 1200 mile journey.  We arrived back and unpacked the vehicles the next day. Returned the cars and I am still working on finding space for all the *stuff* we brought back from the Florida home.... we now have reduced a 4000 sq ft home  AND  a 2200sq ftr condo with a 2.5 car garage into a 1700 sq ft condo with a single parking spot in a shared garage.... who's weeping?  Nor mw- never say die....I will get this stuff integrated into the current home and over the summer do a huge purge of extraneous goods... 

Now back to studying my Spanish- getting my notes in order and prepping for summer on the deck!

The empty pots are calling my name!  more to follow- 

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