Sunday, April 16, 2023

We explore Spain options - Alicante

 Today we drove about five hours from Malaga to Alicante. These photos are things seen along the way to dinner in both towns. And then dinner in Alicante at Fondillon.

The dinner was disrupted by loud drumming and brass band instruments of - you guessed it- holy week processions that evening! Right next to the restaurant wwhere we were dining.  The next day we explored the city a bit- on our drive in we were unimpressed by the city.  It is very much a beach resort town with a lot of Miami Beach style highrises facing the waterfront. Not a particularly charming place. In our opinions only obviously.

Some photos of our morning atop the Castillo Santa Barbara. Afterwards we went to the fine arts museum. We saw some excellent works by Sorolla (a special exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the year of his death I think) but no photos allowed at all in the museum. We are looking forward to heading to Valencia. We are finding this town less charming than Malaga or Sevilla. It seems very Miami Beach like. The old historic area seems much more limited than the other two. It does have a nice beach and if you are a boating kind of person - a nice harbor, but much of the architecture is mid and highrise buildings facing the beaches.

So we explored the city - went up to the castle and also to the art musuem.... found a restaurant for dinner that was well rated and turned out to be very good - and we became translators for food words in English/Spanish/Japanese for two businessmen nearby LOL

no photos in the museum so only the directory at the front desk- 

an excellent pavlova to end the meal! Back to the hotel and out tomorrow- after a brief laundry ordeal- 

tomorrow on to Valencia - and we will not put Alicante on our list for return visits... live and learn- that's what our course was named Living and Learning in Sevilla! LOL

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