Sunday, April 16, 2023

We explore Spanish options - Malaga

 So we would make three stops in the next week - as we had planned to check out other locations for winter if our extended visa is approved  - we have already booked an apartment in Sevilla for next December, January, and February. So what might be next or an option for at least escaping Semana Santa's crazy crowds?

out first stop was Malaga, which we actually really thought looked great despite it being the begining of Holy Week there as well, and the city being inundated with processions right around our hotel! 

We grabbed a quick late lunchnear our hotel as we had relatively early dinner reservaitons- thank god we made them ahead of time as the places around us were booked solid for lunches and dinners!

Dinner was at a Michelin listed place which happened to be in our hotel- the Palacio Solecio (a MUST stay place in Malaga!)

During dinner a procession for Semana Santa came by, and two ladies who walked along with it came into the restaurant afterwards. They were dressed in traditional mantillas with the high combs etc. We sat near them, but I unexpectedly got a photo when shooting a picture of the dining area on the way back to our room. Full regalia!

The next day we went out for a walk - and tried to find a place to have lunch- good luck with that one- the city was jammed full of people preparing for the evenings processions... but what little we did see of the city, we really enjoyed.

a relgious vision in the iberico jamon- obvciously the man who saw her was transfixed!

we could not find a place for lunch without a line like this one- so we returned to the hotel and ate there... still a good place - we were just hoping for less fancy/expensive... dinner was at a more casual place- when we finally got there after battling unbelieveable crowds - aaaacccckkkk

the walk to dinner and then dinner and then home to the hotel- 

The next day we headed for a longer drive- about five hours- to Alicante.... Malaga remains on the list of possible winter options.

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