Thursday, December 23, 2010

the day after

condolences keep coming in and already a sympathy card arrived in the mail.  today I am feeling much more peaceful and less agitated.  here are some of the comments from folks - both those who knew her and those who knew of her:

Amazing woman to think of such a classy exit with her wish to scatter the ashes on your future trips
she was an amazing woman- one to celebrate not to mourn- she 100% lived her life the way she wanted to  and left the same way
Look forward to her joining us in Tunisia! Her first stop.
The losses are hard. The memories are good.
I find comforting the idea that now that your mum is joining your sister, she will also remain by your side in your travels. What a lovely way to share her love still after she has left our world.
your mom was a remarkable person and we were blessed to have her touch our lives
I know we will each miss our mothers intensely this Christmas season, but there is some comfort in knowing that those strong, wonderful, I-still-don't-know-how-they-did-it-all women are at peace.
I'm so so sorry for your tremendous loss. There is something quite exceptional about being able to leave the world on one's own terms and I admire the courage and will it requires. Things that seem to not be in short supply in your family. Funerals can feel so rushed and surreal. I like your tradition and am eager to raise a glass (Canadian mist cocktail, I hear) and hear a few more stories about the amazing woman, your mother
Sounds like she was quite a woman and lived and died as a true individual.  You must be so proud!  Take her ashes around the world, I think she will enjoy the trip!

I got your email and just didn't know how to convey my absolute sadness at the magnitude of your loss, particularly after the loss of your sister. I know you are strong, and brave and that your family doesn't make "a big deal" about death, but I can feel your "aloneness" all the way in the pacific, and I grieve for you for your loss. You were so very blessed to have had such a remarkably close, fun, exciting and adventurous mom, and the idea of you taking her with you on future trips is - well - just so befitting of the relationship you had. So for once, I just don't have the right words, but please know we are sending love and hugs your way, today and always.
she was a great mother and a wonderful woman
She had a great and long life. We all should be fortunate enough to enjoy the same. I'm sure you are left with a mountain of good memories. Cherish every day.

as I said a few posts ago- we go on...

since we are nearing Christmas I thought I would post a couple of photos from a trip we took one year at Christmas to Greece.  we enjoyed the island of Rhodes without hordes of tourists and then had Christmas Eve dinner in a place in the courtyards of Plaka in Athens.  for many years we have traveled over the holidays as a lot of places have special deals and it is no problem finding space on planes on Christmas Day- so typically we ended up coming or going on Christmas Day.

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