Monday, December 20, 2010


through photos the last big trip my mom and I took together.  along with my aunt Phyllis, we took a cruise along the Dalmatian coast - visiting Croatia, Montenegro and Greece - with quick forays into the lesser exciting countries of Albania (garbage anyone?) and Bosnia (heading back there a bit later but first trip was only rafting and a passport stamp)

even then - five years ago- my mom had limited mobility and although she was not yet confined to getting around in a wheelchair she participated mostly by watching the scenery go by from the boat deck and by my recollection only took one side tour we were offered along the way (to Delphi)

here are some photos of the wonderful trip- some of these things my mother only saw by looking at these same photos.

a view of the Starigrad harbor on Havr Island

market produce from Havr Town market

Split harbor boats along the Croatia coast

Dubrovnik at night - one of the few days we had any rain at all

a view from the wall surrounding Dubrovnik

souvenir soap made with olive oil for sale on Corfu Island in Greece

a view of the Kotor Bay from a maritime museum in Montenegro

 food at a home hosted meal

our small ship- held only 50 passengers.  it was called the Harmony G

while I know I had a fabulous trip, and so did my aunt- I am not sure that it was as wonderful for my mother who was seeing the end of her traveling days at this point.  she of course, as always, put the best face on it claiming it was better than sitting in her living room even if she did only get off the boat occasionally - and she was probably right about that.

we traveled together to a number of places and as I am losing her I will probably bring up some more of these reminiscences as a way of holding on while letting go-

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