Thursday, June 16, 2011

airport land

well we are here at the airport waiting for our flight to George and since we had amazing Internet connection I thought it would be a good time to post but I haven't really got a whole lot to add to yesterday's posts.  Our driver today spoke about how difficult it was during the transition times when they were waiting for the elections to declare Mandela president.  she said they really thought the place was going to go up in flames and everyone had horded basic supplies of water and canned foods etc. 

she said it would have been so easy for him to have come out a hardened man but he chose otherwise and gave everyone the gift of freedom in a place that for so long had been the opposite - had been all about divisiveness and oppression. 

already I am looking forward to returning to Cape Town and seeing the rest of the things we didn't get time for this time.  I think our two days in the Garden Route will be lovely as well but Cape Town has - as the driver put it- a certain vibe... it is the place South Africans go to when they want to come to the "happening" place... the wine the sea the diversity of people who live here is quite appealing. 

the above photo is posted for TB - it just seemed like you...LOL

so more as we go- we have Internet until Saturday night Sunday morning and then off to "the bush" LOL which is hardly the usual PSF choice so it will be interesting if nothing else.

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