Thursday, June 16, 2011

good thing

now that we are here in the Garden Route (stunningly beautiful) and we have had our first glance of the surf of the Indian Ocean - it is a good thing this part of the trip is fairly abbreviated as left side driving is challenging. 

we got the car with no problem and only made one wrong turn out of the airport due to the lack of knowledge of where the airport was located in relationship to the city whose name it bears.  the main road was full of twists and turns and two lanes to one lane changes - up hills and down.  tonight we have gales with a sprinkle of rain - however we are snug in our palatial room here at the Rex (the king's hotel.)

never one to pass up an opportunity I informed every hotel we booked that we were celebrating our tenth anniversary with a trip to SA.  therefore we have been upgraded to a suite at the standard room rate.  we certainly don't need the space but who is going to look a gift horse in the mouth as my dad always said.

and the view of the hillside surrounding the lagoon of Knysna:

and tonight we went off to a local seafood place called 34 south- named for the latitude of the town. 

grilled prawns and calamari- we figure we won't get much seafood in the bush - so go for it now...

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