Thursday, June 16, 2011

it wasn't decaf!

and so I am up in the middle of the night not being able to sleep...

a huge storm came through here after we got home from dinner and it just poured for hours - but things have quited down now... hopefully that means clear weather for tomorrow or I guess I should say later today-

so I thought to get up and put down some thoughts I had tonight when we were at dinner - half way around the world or maybe more... but of course now I am befuddled from not sleeping and so have no coherent thoughts or even a clear memory of what I wanted to say. 

anyway my mom went to the mountain with us the other morning - she never made it to South Africa so these are all new countries for her and she would have really loved the beautiful views of the city below and the short but lovely paved trail on the flat topped mountain. 

here are some educational photos from the morning on the mountain:

and here are two food related photos- first from the menu at Den Anker where we had the pictured seafood platter of an earlier post and then the "high priced" dogs advertised outside the District 6 Museum.  I found the menu item funny first because it was pithy about the jealous dogs and then because the French translation is nothing like the English- it says roughly your dog eats them at home and you eat them in a restaurant--- LOL and since I do not speak Dutch or Afrikaans I have no idea about the third description.... except of course that it mentions the name of the place we ate... and a dog (hond)

OK I am totally making this up but maybe it says what the hound craves is right here at Den Anker???

so maybe it was worth getting up to write even if I forgot what I intended to say- LOL

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