Thursday, October 31, 2013

glorious goosefoot

goosefoot has never taken s wrong step- and last night our visit showed consistently fabulous service and high quality food that we have found with each successive visit-

here is the current menu-

and the fab food! starting with the scallop and the shrimp custard in the egg cup and following with the incredible soup (OOOHHHHH the soup!)

I begged extra gougeres for each of us! oh yum!!!!

the fish has changed from salmon to toothfish (sea bass) and this course is my least favorite of anything I have had here- in my opinion the piment d'esplette overpowers the fish in both instances - salmon or sea bass---- but given how perfect everything else is I can forgive one course I am not in complete and total love with- and- it does look really pretty - LOL

the duck- the beef - the cheese course and the palate cleanser yuzu and beet juice!

a new dessert - Cinderella pumpkin mousse with white chocolate cover and this was a real winner!

the chocolate dessert- to die for- a perfect way to end the fabulous meal!

oh and we had the finish of the cape gooseberry dipped in chocolate and nuts but I failed to take a photo- just search goosefoot on the search function of the blog for six or more earlier reviews that have photos if you want to see it again- "don't eat the stump!" - oh OK I will go get a photo just to round out the whole meal-

oh and I forgot the amuse of golden beet and goat cheese---

so there you have the entire meal - join that with exquisite service and you have the best meal in town- we paired it with a 2005 Kistler McCrae chard and a 1990 Pommard and we all went home happy.... tonight off to the theater again- this time to see Northanger Abbey....

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