Friday, November 1, 2013

Absolutely Delightful - Northanger Abbey

from the blurb for tonight's play-

Jane Austen has a high time with the literature of her day, as 17-year old Catherine, a voracious reader, makes the Gothic tale she's reading come all-too-much to life, causing her to misinterpret much that's happening around her. Remy Bumppo presents the U.S. Premiere of a new adaptation, complete with charming heroes, sneering villains, love lost and found, and a setting perfect for the Halloween season. There's debate whether Northanger Abbey was the first Jane Austen novel, but there's no debate that it's full of fun and romance in inimitable Austen style.
so off we went- in an already full schedule (which is not unusual for this time of year) to see this adaptation of the divine Miss A's first novel.

and what a time it was! delightful adaptation - full of fun and laughs as well as the obligatory ending of two marriages (not really a spoiler so no worries)

every one of the actors seemed to be having a jolly good time, therefore so did the audience- a truly fun evening- recommended by your amateur critic here at semifree...

run ends November 10th! Go see it before it disappears!

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