Wednesday, November 27, 2013

morning in Lijiang

so after doing the market we walked through the Old Town of Lijiang, a UNESCO world heritage site.  it is lovely, a stream side setting along many of the narrow lanes - no car traffic- everyone on foot with an occasional bicycle but only one motorcycle during the time we were there.  although we went from the market side of town to the "entrance" most people enter the town from a point where a waterwheel on the stream sits in welcome to visitors.  from that point and along the canals and streams sit many restaurants and bars which apparently get very lively in the evening. 

the entrance to town is decorated for the fall festival with mums and corn stalks and drying red peppers... tea shops line the lanes and other vendors sell souvenirs.  along the way many vendors have take away food for sale with tables in the back for those who want to eat there.  we stopped for a wonderful custard style yogurt with fruit and red bean and a "coffee cake" a very light sweet roll made with egg whites kind of meringue-like and excellent (could have put away a couple of these babies despite the size, they were so light and fluffy)

anyway- we went on through town and when we got to the "entrance" we made a further stop- by turning around and heading down a couple of narrow lanes to a tea shop where the lady poured us the local PUR tea and some fermented tea of varying ages from months to years to more than a decade old... very interesting (and of course they have some for sale!)

and OK- yes- these next photos have insects for yummy snacking (yikes!!!!!)

next up a little more healthful approach-  pick a bowl you like and we will add the broth for you (kind of PHO like)

meat skewers and mussel skewers-

potato chips- LOL!

our own snack stop - excellent buns and yogurt with fruit and red bean-

the view from the café tables upstairs-

we will continue on with another post because these are so photo intensive.... keep following along!

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