Tuesday, November 26, 2013

we need to eat...

anyway- we need to eat anyway... so why not go someplace fun?

yesterday was breezy and a bit overcast but still an improvement over the snow in Chicago LOL- so we headed for an outdoor lunch at the Star Fish Company- which unlike corporate restaurants is actually a fishing venture that sells food at their dockside bar/extremely casual restaurant over in the Cortez fishing village- lots of commercial fish operations over there and a number of them sell retail fish and seafood and a couple of them have food service venues from actual restaurants to take out counters...

you can see from the menu that they are ULTRA casual- LOL - just our style!

the view from our table on the dock (which moved with the water- so those with motion sickness may not want this dining option)

our table is painted in an extremely festive manner- LOL

would love to have this lady for my courtyard wall- but I think she would be over sized for what room I have available...



below: the god of outboard motors accepts an offering- LOL

it really looks exactly like the postcard!

the condiment shelf at the market -

so we had a lunch of fried oysters and shrimp and then took home five stone crab claws and a pound of tuna (excellent tuna!) for dinner- I made Hawaiian poke from the tuna and we had the stone crabs for a starter... I know it is a tough life but someone has to be retired so there are job spots open for the next generation (I like to think of it as a sort of civic duty- LOL)

next- back to China and beautiful Lijiang!

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