Wednesday, November 27, 2013

to market, to market (part 2)

so we get to the lady butchers of the Naxi ethnic minority in Yunnan- I think I may have already mentioned but it bears remarking that this is a matriarchal society...
and more on that later as well-

back to the market -


a turn of the corner and we are out of the butcher area-


below - lotus roots - when sliced they have that lacey look-

and yes - those are my American tennis shoes in the photo- LOL- it can be cropped later- all of these blog photos are first pass unedited- you are here for the information the "art" comes later....

above the peppers and below the long beans....

and finally just as we were about done with the market we find the Mangosteens! and make a purchase!

from here we enter into more retail based shops and vendors - but even then things don't always look familiar to us- LOL

food preparation and places to eat as well as household goods and clothing-


we frequently spot Naxi pictographs which tell stories that we cannot read-

you can see from this photo we had a beautiful blue sky day!

next up Lijiang Old Town -

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