foto faves

foto faves

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a gorgeous gorge

OK so maybe it was just a really steep sided river valley - but it was quite impressive (you can see the person in the photo below looks really tiny compared to the height of the cliff walls-

or check out the size of the small hotel/restaurant at the end of the gorge- vis-a-vis the cliff walls-


we made this stop on the road to Ouarzazate (the movie capital of Morocco also known as "Mollywood") where we ran into Nicole Kidman at breakfast at the hotel (she was filming the story of Gertrude Bell)

anyway- we had to stop for lunch along the way and here are two photos of our food... I ordered an omelet to start which was very good and then kefta (meatballs) for my main also excellent...

but the weird thing was they gave us a pre-lunch course of - you guessed it- spaghetti with cinnamon and powdered sugar...LOL - no kidding...

as we left I saw this sign outside the restaurant- which will have to serve as a way to find the lovely garden where we ate because I don't know the name of it---

we also passed through the town known for the rose cosmetics and perfumes (in a rose growing oasis area) and then on to Ouarzazate and the lovely Palais Berbere- home away from home for the stars shooting on location---

including GA - here on a set from a recent Cleopatra movie....

we only overnight here and are off early in the morning so we can get to Marrakech midday...

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