Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the amazing palms

of Morocco- the oases were incredible- oases in the most classic sense- in dry parched land- there would be these lush green valleys filled with date palms -

and along the way we also saw other palms- like the one pictured below... Aziz pointed them out and it didn't take long to see that this was no "ordinary" palm- LOL

when we first arrived Aziz pointed out the white flowers blooming on every roof top- a new phenomenon since my last visit- when the antennae were prolific... now, dishes everywhere! the used to be taxed but then there were so many cheats they built the tax into the utility rates and everyone pays so now everyone has a dish- and of course mobile phones are prolific so cell towers are needed everywhere - including along the new the photo taken below...

quite clever- and while it doesn't quite disguise the equipment - it is much better than just the naked poles we mostly have pretty much all over the US - although I have seen a few really tall "pine trees" in Georgia...

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