Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the date market

and we aren't talking "" we are talking dates: beautiful, luscious, tasty dates! as you could see from the photos of the oases we saw on the way into and out of the Sahara, there are lots of dates available here-

so after we left the Tombouctou Hotel and took the four wheel drive vehicle back to "civilization" in Erfoud we stopped at the local (mostly dates) market...where Georgia bargained for yet another scarf, also in blue - this time Berber blue... and learned to wrap her head like a nomad against the sun and sand of the Sahara... while I went off and photograph the market each his own....

both Aziz and Mustafa bought dates to take home (they said the prices here were very reasonable and the quality much higher than in the cities- Aziz was from Marrakech and Mustafa from Casablanca)-- and we head on toward the Todra Gorge and Ouarzazate (our next overnight stay.)

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