Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chinese: Modern @next

oh wow!!!!

OK it isn't exactly Chinese food but it is what Chinese food could aspire to....

when we entered we were seated at a table with a red top and a green centerpiece that looked like a cucumber in a tall vase with cilantro and some other greens stuffed into it-

our napkins held the paper with the following message on it-

since I caught on too late about the centerpiece being our first course I have to show a blurry photo of one across the room- LOL

closer up so you know what I am talking about- the cylinder in front of the woman drinking - became - with the help of a french press- our first course of soup -

turns out that is Chinese okra- and here is the beginning of the menu-

the above dish with pork floss (whatever that is - it tasted superb!) and the meat and seafood dumplings was fabulous!!!!

on to the second grouping on the menu-

the above in the paper bag (squab) could be the winner of the evening - or so it seemed so far...

but the hits just kept on coming-

you can see the duck was perfectly prepared!


below-  dip the sweetbreads into the passion fruit sauce and they harden into candy - amazing!

 the one bad note of the evening - this sickening milky drink made of tofu- YUCK! but back to another fab dessert!

and of course end up with fortune cookies - here - enormous fortune cookies!

and bubble tea...

possibly the best NEXT meal we have had- some real stunners and only the one icky drink- fun servers excellent and professional but friendly and relaxed---

an all around winner!!!!

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