Thursday, May 8, 2014

we are about to barge...

in less than a week we leave for Paris (CDG) for a few nights and days before we meet up with our friends CBGB and head to Burgundy for a barge cruise.  So soon you will get a lot more details of Paris food and even more of burgundy cheese, wine and food as we cruise about 30 miles in the span of a week!

our itinerary is from Dijon (home of the mustard) south through the most fabulous vineyards in the world... we visit wineries and chateaux and Beaune (home of the Hospice de Beaune) so lots of good times.  We took this cruise to celebrate our 50th birthdays and now, a second time to celebrate our 60th birthdays.  In the intervening years we have stayed in touch with five of the other passengers and also our captain... Anna.

The barge will be new but the chef (Cyril) the same and captain Anna the same too... we are so excited to be doing this again...

here are just a couple of photos from the last time- of Cyril in his tiny kitchen and in the dining room describing the food for lunch  - and then of Anna with one of the winemakers in Burgundy-

and here is the wine list and labels from the last cruise and the cheese menus from each day!


I think you can see why we are getting excited to be returning to the "scene of the crime" LOL- and we cannot wait to see our friend Anna again- we did see her last year in Paris and several other times when she was between groups- but this time it will be relaxed and a whole week of fun and games with CBGB and Anna and Cyril - Yea!!!! And after the barging is over - we are headed to Lyon (food capital of the world) for a couple of days - a totally new destination for us in France.... so stay tuned!

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