Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lost in Yonkers and we score NEXT!

as I noted in prior posts, last night we went to see Lost in Yonkers at the Northlight theater... this Neil Simon play may be the least funny Neil Simon play there is and also may be the most personal.

the two brothers left in the care of their mean spirited grandmother (is there such a thing? I have never known it...) while there dad makes money as a sales man on the road during WWII to pay off health care debts incurred in trying to save his wife from dying of cancer.

two of the aunts and one uncle still live with or nearby the family apartment over the candy/ice cream shop that the grandmother owns and runs.  each of them has some kind of psychological issue resulting from the old lady's cruelty to them... and we get to watch it unfolding as the tow boys left in her care struggle to survive the transition from a loving family to a dysfunctional environment.  they obviously come from a solid foundation of love and caring and take care of each other through the difficult extended period of their father's absence.

overall - not much fun but as usual fabulous performances- especially by the two brothers (Jay and Arty) and their Aunt Bella....

so- right before we left for the theater I got a text from "next" offering reservations for tonight for their newest menu- Chinese: Modern... and WE WON!!! I sent an email per instructions and we were able to score a table for two tonight! So you will get a chance to be among the first to see this menu since tonight is their first open to the public night.... stay tuned....

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