Saturday, May 10, 2014

we'll always have Paris (part XI)

OK so the title has been used before - and I also recently made reference to Casablanca the movie in my Morocco blog posts, but seriously - on this - my eleventh trip to Paris... I feel like it should be the eternal city - not Rome...but alas the city of light also works well....

and here are a couple of photos to show how well that title fits beautiful Paris- just two or three of my old favorites - the first is a view of the Eiffel Tower (duh!) from the sidewalk in front of Au Bon Accueil where we will return for dinner six nights from now with CBGB...

the next from along the Seine at night - but still the iconic Tower above the rooftops gives you a landmark-

along the Seine at the Pont des Arts bridge -

and one of my all time favorite photos - and one of my most popular posts on the AFAR website - I call it "Nighthawks" in the post

and finally- and fittingly - a gift that GA gave me years ago which now has become even more meaningful as we have shared more travel in the intervening years- with CBGB together and most recently GA and I on our gal-pal trip to Morocco-

so CBGB leave tomorrow for Spain and will meet us in Paris on Friday morning and we leave on Wednesday afternoon--- send good wishes for great weather (especially DRY weather) for the weeks we are in France!!! and I will keep everyone updated along the way as I can - Internet dependent...

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