Saturday, July 19, 2014

a single FAIL

we found our dinner place on Trip Advisor and Yelp and all reviews were positive... glowing even in some cases but this was an EPIC FAIL- Jim's Place Family Diner (sounded wonderful - an old timey family joint)

we wanted to love the place because the lady who ran it was so nice and because the place was clean and well cared for but with one and a half exceptions the food was just awful--- only lukewarm and maybe it wouldn't have even been improved served hot-

we have never had such bad advice before - and we even went an hour before the closing time (despite it being too early to really have dinner) just so as to not catch them in a rush to close and get us out of there- very very disappointing-

the photo above and below came from their FB page-

my photos - limited though they are - show what they need to-

nice clean place-

the polish combo plates- one with meatballs (barely warm) and one with kielbasa (actually warm and the best thing we ate) - the "half good" thing was the pierogi on the top left (still warm and had it been hot it would have been excellent)

after the really excellent mashed potatoes at lunch at the Eagle Tavern - these were very pedestrian and again NOT HOT...

but this was the topper- peas that either had come from a can or had been boiled long beyond their life span into tasteless mushy horrific grey/green peas- all I can say about them is YUCK!

when I posted the above photo on FB my aunt commented that that's they way they "like 'em
in the country" (she lives on a farm but does not seem to have succumbed to the palate of her neighborhood- LOL)

so overall we had some excellent meals and some pretty good meals but this was the big FAIL of the trip-

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