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foto faves

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Threatened DIA

so the collections have been evaluated for the trustee in bankruptcy at 4.3 billion or some such gigantic number but seriously- could even a lawyer (yes I know, but it takes one to know one) really sell off the art of a city as if it were a bunch of file cabinets or desks????

the next photos are generally things that just caught my eye- sometimes smaller details from larger paintings sometimes the whole painting-

in this detail you can see an example of the deterioration of some of the works

but many things were in perfect condition-

there was a fabulous display in the household art collection where the table was set with items from their collection and a multicourse meal was enacted on the video display table- what a meal! I wish we had time for me to take each course because it sounded incredible!

perhaps the most famous works in the building are the Diego Rivera murals -

the physical building is also worthy of closer examination - with a lovely courtyard recreation of a northern European building from the Dutch masters era where they have a very nice cafe...

the grand hall-

more from the collections-

and I will end with a collage of DIA ladies- and a sign that made me laugh-

because I was wondering if anyone else read it the way I did and was hoping for some elaborate recreation of a dutch home from the golden age complete with the WC (which was probably an outhouse anyway- LOL)

next up Toledo!

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