Friday, July 18, 2014

Road Trip!

In my mind I always hear those words spoken as a line from the classic movie "Animal House" -

Ours of course was much more pedestrian than the drunken, Lincoln crashing, frat boy road trip of the movie. We headed out last Friday to Cadillac Michigan an overnight stop before heading to visit CBGB at Crystal Mountain where they have their summer home to escape the heat of Florida.  We chose this particular weekend because they are members of the Interlochen music venue and have procured tickets (excellent tickets) to see/hear Jackson Browne in concert there on Saturday night...

We stayed over night in Cadillac and dined at The Timbers where we had a meal of perch (V) and prime rib (P). The next day before heading over to CBGB we went into town for lunch and by happenstance came upon Pizza Plus - a classic good (really good) old fashioned pizza parlor - founded about the time we were born and still in the same family - now being run by a son (who is about our age LOL)

the oven looks promising-

We had sausage and pepperoni and it was really good- the Vernor's not so much...although it is a local specialty it is way too sweet for my ginger beer preference over ginger ale... but it was worth a try...
We noticed we were in the land of  "pop" not "soda" which is what we call soft drinks around here...LOL

Happy Phil waits for his pizza anticipating that it will be a good one!

done all the way through the middle (no soggy crust on this one) and generously topped - we declare this a return to good old pizza like we had when we were kids-

We left the parlor and found the barber shop that we parked in front of closed- guess they are only open half a day on Saturdays-

On to CBGB's - we were early so we stopped for a drink at the Crystal Mountain club house- and I had a refreshing aperol and soda (pictured)

After a good early dinner of ribs and corn and baked beans and coleslaw we headed over to Interlochen and had our dessert of their soft serve ice cream, found our seats (excellent row 7 (G) and in the just off center section) - there are about two dozen guitars on stage being tuned by a roadie- and a piano and that is pretty much it...

neither of us had seen Jackson Browne in concert before and we are both fans so this is a real treat- and here is my review: the guy is 66 years old and he can still sing really well.  he was charming and funny in a low key way and he clearly has an issue about relationships- LOL which apparently makes for good songwriting... we were treated to a number of songs we didn't really know, along with the biggies of Running on Empty and Take It Easy and These Days and The Pretender and For a Dancer (a Phil fave) as well as Late for the Sky.

We all agreed that it was an enjoyable evening despite an absolute deluge in the middle of the concert - which thankfully was finished by the time the concert was - the venue is outdoors but under cover...

we got back to Cadillac around 2 AM and fell into bed.  Then the next morning - knowing there was not much in the way of civilization between Cadillac and Saginaw we ate lunch before leaving town.  Burke's Waterfront had passable comfort food (meatloaf for me and fried chicken for Phil) an d we were on our way south.

I haven't yet mentioned in this post that what got us thinking about road trip was the bankruptcy of Detroit and the issue of whether the trustee would be able to sell off some of the art from the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) to pay creditors. Recently appraised at 43 billion dollars the sharks are circling - and we wanted to see what we could before they took the first bite and began the feeding frenzy... We also planned to visit Greenfield Village and then since we were nearby - drop down to Toledo to visit the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) before circling back to Chicago.

Up next- Detroit - the motor city - Motown - DTW.....

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