Friday, July 18, 2014

Day-Twah (Detroit DTW)

we had done a small bit of research before hand and had some local Detroit restaurants in mind for meals. Due to scheduled hours at one choice, we ended up on Sunday night  at Buddy's Pizza... I know we just had it yesterday- but these were two completely different pizzas and I am sooooo sooooo happy we went - because this was a fabulous pizza- worthy of a trip in and of itself!

We made sure we had the address and the route mapped out before hand to this original location on the fringe of Hamtramck (which is completely surrounded by Detroit).

here is a photo of the place- you park behind it in a guarded lot surrounded by a fence- LOL

and here is the inside-

if you enter from the parking lot you go through a long hall which runs adjacent to an outdoor bocce court- it is decorated with murals and photos of the history of Buddy's-

a small digression- way back in the dark ages when I was in college at Purdue locals (from Bloomington, IN) had opened a new pizza joint to compete with the carryout place called Pizza King that was really near campus.  This place was different, had tables and beer and this AMAZING Sicilian deep dish pizza.  The crust was light and so incredibly tasty with the flavor from the oil that coated the pans... this was up scale (to our college student palates) pizza - not the cardboard with toppings we were used to (keep in mind we are talking the early 70s here)... well sadly over time the place franchised and the quality fell off and by the time I was again traveling back and forth across Indiana the amazing pizza was no where to be found on my route.

so when we went to Buddy's and I found a "pizza fountain of youth" LOL or more accurately  a "pizza time machine" I was thrilled! - the pizza I had been searching for since 1975 has been here all along hiding in Detroit ! (Who knew????)

I know this is already TMI for you but usually when I eat pizza I eat the whole first slice - sometimes two full slices and then because the crust is doughy and heavy I usually leave the crusts of any other slices behind... not here - not only did I eat the crust on my squares but I ate the crust off the ones I couldn't eat fully because I didn't want to miss a single bite of the fabulous light tasty crust - the toppings were excellent but you can find good toppings - it is the crust you can't find...but again I digress and by now you are probably thinking - show us the pizza! but here is a little background info

and menu shows some choices-

and we dug right in so I can't show you OUR WHOLE pizza - but here it is after only some small amount of destruction - LOL

and a slice on my plate to show you the crunchy crispy crusty tasty edge-

I guess it is good that I would have to drive four hours to have this pizza otherwise we would be eating this twice a week! LOL.... GIANT WIN! thank you Buddy's for bringing this pizza from my past to us in 2014!

I know I know - this sounds 1. unlike me and 2. over the top on the subject of ??Pizza???- but seriously this was a new standard for pizza and I don't know what the hell GQ was thinking naming Great Lake the best pizza in the US (it is three blocks from our house and thankfully now closed due to the fact that the woman who ran the place was such a bitch to all the customers people stopped coming despite really good pizza)

so the next stop on our road trip is Greenfield Village (at the Henry Ford Museum) - stay tuned more food and fun awaits...

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