Thursday, January 7, 2016

dinner in town

so off we went to dinner and to meet up with a mosaic artist- who has transformed his neighborhood as well as his home into a fantastic world of color and shapes.

we were greeted by the artist's son at the entrance and he told us briefly about the work of his father (which honestly was pretty self evident since the entire compound was covered in tiles and sculptures of all shapes and sizes...)

sunset is coming soon and so our daylight for photos running out---

we go outside the artists compound and find more neighbors had decorated as well as a corner mural of the revolutionaries - on Granma no less...LOL

back inside the artist's compound we get a few last shots before welcome drinks and dinner and music-

dinner was held around a large table (actually there were two but here is the larger one)

a very short video clip of our musicians for the evening-

the evening draws to a close and we head out - tomorrow we are out of Havana and off to the countryside heading early to Cienfuegos- but tonight we are again amazed at the resourcefulness of the Cubans and awed by their gracious hospitality.

three nights into the trip and our daily lives seem so far away... Cuba offers an alternate reality for the ten nights we spend in-country...fascinating place- so keep on returning for more of the people we meet and the things we see and do...

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