Wednesday, January 6, 2016

rushing around Havana

So we left the last post on the way to lunch - and yes it was a good one, I just hadn't come across those photos yet- but here are a few from our lunch above the plaza-

first the plaza- this is the first one restored - and it was done and brand newly restored when I was here in early 2012 and now it is less than pristine- a mere four years later... this is a tough climate to keep things pristine in... literally and figuratively-

our lunch place was upstairs on the plaza-

we all met by this sign and then headed to the bus which took us to the National Art Museum of Cuban art- which had many works I would have shown you but no photos allowed inside---

this is the entrance to the museum- and the only place where photos can be taken-

the others went to the hotel and we immediately met our bici-taxi driver for our arranged tour- an hour around his own neighborhood in Central Havana and a drive by Chinatown.... these are just a few photos of things I saw from under the canopy when we went for our ride-

Havana China Town gate-

a scary toilet store??? LOL

many of the buildings in Central Havana looked like this- the area is much more run down than Habana Vieja...

but there also new things like this business...

as our driver noted -there is much more trash in the streets in Central versus Old Havana- because the tourists don't cross the Prado much - it gets less attention from the government services according to him.

heading back across town to the Old City-

a view inside as we pass by some Central Havana buildings show the details of their once magnificent construction... now barely hanging on...

We get back to the hotel in barely enough time to make a pit stop before getting on the bus for our trip to another artists home for dinner- this one works in mosaic- and I will post one photo to entice you back for the dinner post! LOL

see you at dinner!!!

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