Tuesday, September 20, 2016

a food interlude

Last night we met up with the Chaine for dinner at the newcomer Honey's - the space was light filled at the hour we arrived (6:30) - it is under the EL tracks on Lake Street so the EL goes by quite often and a complaint heard about the noise level was well founded.  That said it is beautiful visually if not aurally- LOL

the bar has a vaguely deco look - and the hardwood floors of the dining room were a nice warm counterpoint to the more stylized bar area.  The dining room featured mid century style teak wood chairs (about half the tables and the other half bentwood bistro style chairs) again bringing a warm element to the decor.

a mural on adjoining building seen through the skylight in the bar-

the wines all came from "our cellars" as they say in the Chaine- with the exception (noted on the menu) of a large format bottle donated for the dinner by Jamie and Linda Garard.

two of the passed hors d'oeuvres (tartare and hamachi)

the full menu for the evening-

 the menu in detail-


a nice evening - we got a chance to chat with friends old and new. And now back to Stockholm! LOL

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