Tuesday, September 20, 2016

stockholm the last port

we arrived at the harbor in Stockholm around 10:30AM - we are off the ship after final farewells to the crew members and out to the city to see the place where the Nobel Prize banquet is held.  We have a nice lunch - do a walk around Gamla Stan (Old Town) and then when the group is off to their hotel we part ways and head to our hotel.  We are in high security area due to a visit from Joe Biden who is staying at the hotel behind ours.  We check in and make plans for dinner at Lisa Elmqvist in the food halls.

our lunch in the cellar of the city hall- Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes and lingonberries! all excellent!!!

we do get to eat off of Nobel china...

then on to Gamla Stan- Old Town -

I see this one has gone on quite long so - since this is where our cruise trip actually ended and from here we went off on our own for time in Stockholm I will end this post here and finish off the city in a different post.... the trip brought us back to many places we have loved before and that was the good news - as I mentioned in prior posts - there was little time for any in depth exploration on your own unless you made it so... and so we did.... I have some misgivings about the Ireland trip Phil has scheduled for next year - big group (to me) along with a country with weather I have historically found challenging- so we will see how that situation evolves-

meanwhile after the trip to Coachella for the Desert Trip music festival we will next be headed to Cartagena Colombia with John & Barb in December and then I have the planned Uzbekistan trip in March.... can't stay home for long...Stay tuned for more Stockholm (actually the best of our time there) and then more Chicago based fun over the next weeks - home stretch before winter sends us southward....

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