Wednesday, October 12, 2011

another NYC day

Friday rolled around and we again got out of the hotel ASAP due to the incredible pounding noises-

this time we walked to lunch at Nougatine - the cafe at Jean Georges... we have been there several times but this time was the best food yet- it is prixe fix three courses and very reasonable.

here are some of the dishes I had- tuna tartare and then the burger and we shared our chocolate and strawberry desserts - everything was perfect!

then we were off to walk the High Line - which recently opened an new section of park on the elevated train line which once had been used to ferry freight up and down the west side of NYC-

various views of and from the High Line:

a small water feature and feet enjoying the cool on a warm day-

the wait for the two stall bathroom facility- LOL

the city as theater-

the audience as the exhibition-

a car park - under a frozen landscape-

a moment of quiet respite-

still lots of history to be seen from the elevated park-

encouragement for song birds to nest-

the church goers must not have minded the train noise - or perhaps they didn't run on Sundays...

we exited at 30th street and walked across town- finding this lovely row house along the way and stopping at the Hook and Ladder Company to pay respects to the fallen - who were memorialized on a board above the fire fighting gear-

later we met Laure and Arno for dinner at Rouge Tomate for an amazing meal with wine tastes prepared by the sommolier that were all very interesting.  we can recommend the place highly- and even though six month old Alix was with us we managed to almost be the closers (one table of two left when we exited after midnight again)

a really lovely day- and the next was going to be such good weather that we made plans to meet Laure, Arno and Alix after lunch to walk the Brooklyn Bridge...

so stay tuned!

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