Thursday, October 13, 2011

last full day

of our NYC trip - we headed to Katz's deli for lunch- pastrami for Phil and corned beef for me.

then we visited the Lower East Side Tenement Museum (they had just added a new family history to their list of "tours" - this one on the Moore's an Irish family.)

we had visited several times before - and seen the Greek (Ladino speaking Jews) family and then the Jewish and Italian families and the German family and now the Irish.  this is a fascinating museum about immigration and family histories told through the residents of the tenement apartment building at 79 Orchard street in the LES of NYC.  highly recommended!

we traipsed back uptown to the hotel to change for dinner with Laure and Arno and Angela and Lee.  we went to the roof deck of Laure and Arno's apartment and hung out for a while - drinking champagne and enjoying the perfect weather

darkness fell and we then headed to SHO Shaun Hergatt nearby.  I would say the meal was very very good and a much better value than the wd-50 meal - I especially loved the celeriac foam soup course and the foie gras sandwich served on these amazing little spice cake slices so that it was like a luscious ice cream sandwich.   

we said our farewells after waling back to L&A's building and Angela & Lee headed out on Lee's scooter and we on the subway-  thinking about packing and heading home the next day.

wonderful trip- great to see Angela and Jeremy and their friends and especially nice to spend time with Laure and Arno and Alix since we hadn't seen them since their move in August.... they are settling in and creating a new life.  and oddly enough - so are we - creating a new life... now that I am retired and need a new goal to work towards I have decided that we will find a way to get Phil retired too! LOL

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