Thursday, October 13, 2011

brooklyn bridge

so on Saturday we got up and headed back south to Stone Street for our lunch reservation at Smorgas Chef.  it was not so fabulous but the dessert crepe of dulce de leche was wonderful!  we hung out for a bit waiting for Laure and Arno to ditch the friends of the parents who had come to see the baby and then headed out for our crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge.  By the way did I mention that this is the cutest baby in the world?  I probably did- LOL - it is kind of embarrassing because I really don't like kids but THIS baby is different (you would think it was my first grandchild- which is of course impossible since I have no children- LOL)

her mom and dad leave for the bridge-

the weather was warm and sunny- actually almost hot and sunny.... so we crossed with only about half the population of the city - LOL

after we crossed we made a quick stop for drinks before heading up town- and the adorable baby found herself in the mirror while Phil was holding her-

for dinner we had reserved at wd-50 - a place we had read about for years - specializing in molecular gastronomy.  having been fans of Alinea for the last few years and eaten at NEXT- Paris 1906 we were prepared for a stellar meal.

the service was stellar- in every single way but the meal didn't wow us- here are a few dishes -

starting with our favorite and the best of the evening - the foie-lafel - a falafel sandwich made with foie gras which was truly outstanding.

then a few more- an eggs and toast course with edible eggshells

and a noodle dish

and dessert

while we went home well stated and had a lovely evening thanks to the fabulous service I don't think we will head back immediately...

still several days left of eating before declaring a winner for the best meal and the best course...LOL

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