Monday, April 30, 2012

all too quickly

in the morning a few more photos from the roof deck bar including the gym on the neighboring roof top...

then our time in Cienfuegos ended and we moved on to Trinidad.  as we left town our first stop was the botanical gardens where a very knowledgeable naturalist gave us information about the plant in the garden.  Jennifer was our hero (and enacted a Jane of Tarzan & Jane moment when she swung on a ficus vine.)

note the humming bird circled in yellow-

a petticoat palm (native to Cuba)

then after the garden stop we went on to a road side tropical fruit stand. after much fruit tasting and an attempt to buy the iguana (tonight's dinner) freedom-

 we went on to Trinidad. we arrived in time for lunch and got to see the various modes of transport in this town as we ate lunch or waited for our bus to come pick us up and take us off to the basket factory for some demo of the small (state owned and top heavy with administration) business.

the basket factory had two bosses and about ten workers- and made hats, bags and fans for the most part.

then finally to the hotel where my room #106 was lovely and cool- did I mention it was getting seriously hotter each day.  Trinidad was in the high 80s every day we were there.

ah the ever wonderful mojito at can we go wrong? helps take the edge off the heat!

this one made by the bar tender in the hotel (La Ronda) who claimed to make the world's best- and it was quite credible- heavily muddled mint as the first step...

have I mentioned that tourists stay in hotels but locals and the not so affluent travelers use hostals (the sign of the anchor indicates rooms for rent)

an un-rehabbed building in the center of town shows the various paints it has worn over decades-

the bar at the lunch place where we grabbed a bit to eat.

finally- we went out to buy water and find an ice cream bar - on the way back this car careened around the corner- showing you who think that these cars never move that they do indeed and are used for transportation all over the country.

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