Tuesday, May 1, 2012


we leave Trinidad to spend a day getting back to Havana.  We stop at the same rest stop (there may only be ONE) and then go on for another hour to a picnic area where we have sandwiches (homemade and good) with a couple of bags of shared chips and some cookies Leo has purchased to round out our scant roadside fare...

as we get nearer the city we turn off and go through a small village- a SURPRISE! Leo says it is to help some (who are STILL grumbling about the mountains) get over yesterday. We are stopping at Hemingway's house - he shared this place with wife number 3 Martha Gelhorn and wife 4 Mary.  The lovely setting is extremely peaceful and overlooks Havana from a distance.

above the office and below his bedroom-

 the tower writing studio:

his fishing boat:

a number of his favorite cats final resting places:

the tranquil grounds

after our touring of the estate- we head into the city to check into the historic Hotel Nacional... where we have a welcome drink-

the hotel is located on a small cliff overlooking the Malecon and the sea.  the grounds are lovely and the rain having cooled off the temperatures overall- make sitting outside delightful.  the bar here is known for pina coladas- LOL - Jennifer demonstrates her "good sport" spirit by having one or two...


my room (#610) at the Hotel Nacional-

a view of the Malecon from Jennifer's room-

later - for dinner we went to the Ludwig Foundation to meet with some of the artists and to see some of the work they are preparing for the May Biennial

a lovely evening only ended because a shower brought us in from the terrace (see sunsets above) where we were dining and socializing.... tomorrow, the last day, is fast approaching...

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