Monday, April 30, 2012

on we go

today is our art day. we walk across the park to the UNEAC (union of artists and writers) and hear a lecture about what they do and how the organization works. they have a direct line (on some subjects) to the government and after much discussion they were able to get the law banning Cubans from tourist facilities overturned. However this apparently only goes so far as later we learn that our Cuban guide Mirelys cannot come into the paladars with us - she must keep to the state owned restaurants. 

After the lecture we go to various studios around the area where the artists work and sometimes live.

here are some photos of the morning:

My thoughts on the morning revolve around the incredible fact that while think of artists as having the capability of being subversive and crossing boundaries in order to create thoughtful and meaningful dialogue these folks still seem pretty much in the party line- the ubiquitous Che being exactly that and as far as I could tell with no sense of irony at all.  Later we found artists working at the Ludwig Foundation in Havana who had gotten beyond Che, but here in Cienfuegos much was MOTS (more of the same)-

lunch on our own before we return to the UNEAC stage for children's performances- so I have some local color photos:

outside the hotel-

on the way to the Park Jose Marti-

the Park Jose Marti-

buildings across the park-

the local Malecon here in Cienfuegos-

Jennifer with lunch batidos (mango!) and a close up of a daiquiri and a shot of the pool - where we had these lovely mid-day libations...

after lunch the kids performances- they made up in enthusiasm for any lacking of capabilities with musical or dancing talent- LOL


this little chicken got all the starring parts - having us wonder whose kid she was????? LOL

back to the hotel for a short rest and then dinner at the hotel before yet another performance at UNEAC of a son group that was founded in 1926! Jennifer danced (to the endless amusement of the Cuban ladies seated in the front rows for the performance. LOL)

dinner - a Cuban paella dish-

another walk across the park back to UNEAC -

the bar at UNEAC - ready to serve lubrication for dancing -

the band - with Leo as translator for the introductions of the members-

and on the way home with part of the group we ran into the ones who refused to go - LOL drinking and smoking in a local establishment near the hotel...

an interesting day of art and artists - musicians, singers and dancers - young and old... in lovely Cienfuegos!

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