Wednesday, May 2, 2012

we go then he leaves

we have never been to Charlie Trotter's - kind of a protest on our part... we know too many doctors I work with who have been and I kind of liken it to "doctor hotels" - always very nice - very good - even really excellent - but never what you might term a "value"-

but today we made it there as we went as part of ChicaGourmets luncheon to celebrate their 15th anniversary and Trotter's 25th (and final) year.

reasonably fun meal  with good food and wine pairings which are detailed on the menu below- and some photos which may not be indicative of the lovely presentation but certainly beat out the old blackberry photos from the Africa lunch I went to Sheila & Mary last year...learned that lesson.

this white bordeaux was poured in place of a wine from Columbia Valley (we win!)

time in the kitchen to see how things are done- lots of work being done in a fairly small space---

some ingredients we saw - "spargle" and morels and plenty of eggs:

the final step- the scullery- LOL

guess I can now say "I was there" once.... LOL- lots of folks in the group obviously ate there regularly - but Phil balks every time he had to wear a jacket (like today- LOL) and as I said to him on the way home - like Next Paris 1906- it didn't wow me the way Alinea did the first time we went - when by the third course I had gone from saying I would never go back (due to attitude) to - I am coming for my birthday!

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