Sunday, April 29, 2012

a bit more

I found some good shots of some more of our food at the paladar- my shrimp and garlic and Jen's pulpo starter which was good as were my croquettes (sorry no photo- LOL)

then I found a few more illustrative photos of the organic farm including one of the worms they use to aerate the soil they make from compost and of the Styrofoam boxes they use to start their seedlings and re-use over and over again- and the screened house where the seedlings are raised to planting size...

they also use organic "pesticides" such as lady bugs (which they raise in large numbers) and various other natural products to create and adverse environment for pests:

and a cooker using solar energy - out in the distant regions of the farm...

wanted to be sure to finish off these topics before we move on to Cienfuegos. OK so scrolling back through the photos perhaps the juxtaposition of the worms and the pulpo was not such an appetizing idea- LOL- oh well!

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