Monday, April 30, 2012

more on Trinidad

the next day we were able to see the sugar mill valley where once stood hundreds of cane mills. today nothing remains but an information exhibit on the processing of sugar cane to cane juice.  Jennifer once again gamely demonstrated the technique of the work the slaves did in turning the machine which crushed the cane.  the tower nearby was unavailable for views of the surrounding fields and valley due to broken stairs (boo hoo- not!)

there were many handicrafts in this street including dolls and table clothes which had lovely embroidery.

when on the bus there were a couple of old guy shots I got through the tinted window (so while they are not too sharply focused still convey some of the mood of the place)

some additional modes of transport

then back into town for a walk and a stop at the ratio store and then a museum stop- where there were actual souvenirs for sale (!)

from there we went to hear about Santeria (Afro-Catholic religion from the slave times which survives today.)

then on to lunch at a lovely paladar where I had the shrimp and Jennifer had a coconut curry. very tasty.

weather was threatening and we got in a bit of the Plaza Mayor just before the storm hit.

the storm was very popular with the young boys nearby.

 then we headed to the maternity clinic and made a home visit (to the home of the guy with the computerized TV set from an earlier post.)

we ended our day back at the hotel - we are scheduled for dinner tonight at another paladar and SURPRISE! we get to go in vintage cars to the eatery!

the paladar was lovely and the chef had lived in France for a time so the food was not overcooked (a common complaint with the food here)

yet another Jennifer drinking photo- this time with the drink of the slaves (a honey and lime juice concoction with - of course- rum!) - canchanchero?

a power point played while we were there about the chef and the restaurant (was shut down after first lenient period for entrepenuers and then reopened in the next incarnation...)

the kitchen-

we come home the same way - in vintage taxis- and find time to visit the world's best mojito maker before retiring for the evening...

tomorrow - the mountains and the beach --- more later....

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