Thursday, April 11, 2013

back to Cyrano's

well we had been to Cyrano's once before for an evening of good food and bizarre company... see post from last winter called "two bottles of wine"-
so when the opportunity arose to return to Cyrano's we were happy to sign up for the special meal in celebration of the Lascaux 3 exhibit at the Field Museum.  the menu looked great and we already knew Chef Didier was first rate- so we headed downtown to the area just north of the river for dinner.
this actually calls for a few of my personal favorite photos from the area of Lascaux- the Dordogne in France.

now on to the food-

the chefs and the winemaker introduce their contributions to the celebration of Lascaux III- then we have two starters and then the fish course, the main and the dessert:

the dessert came in a lovely little preserves jar and had to be "unmasked" to see its incredible combination of ingredients! - it was fabulous- I'll have six please!

and our take home prize was a commemorative glass from the winemaker for each of us!  next up- more theater!

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