Sunday, April 7, 2013

I build furniture

in that ludicrous way that things sometimes happen- I ended up building two nightstands for our soon to be guest room... they were inexpensive and it seemed like a good idea at the time I ordered them- and to tell the truth they really weren't that hard to put together but that emboldened me in a way that it probably shouldn't have...LOL

anyway- we had beds- we had bedding (which I had ordered well in advance because I saw something I liked in mid January right after we had a contract pending... and now we had nightstands - almost a room - LOL- well kinda sorta a room... it progressed- 

this is already stage two - adding the throw pillows with the shell motif- and then the lamps with that I filled with shells to continue the tie-in... a veritable Martha Stewart- LOL - NOT!!!

then I built headboards - which by the way did not match the frame holes so I improvised with some fancy tie-wrapping to attach them on one side of each bed- LOL- a gal's gotta do what she has to in order to make it work...

finally one more pillow ordered for a chair in the corner - and we are good to go for now-  wall decor and curtains will have to wait until the fall....

moving on to the guest bath- I brought the shower curtain with us- it was one Phil and I picked out in 1997 right when we started dating - LOL- I always liked it and so even though I didn't have a place for a shower curtain up north I held on to it--- now it has a new home and I still like it!

I found these pretty bottles on line at a close out website and the glass beads in sea glass colors at Bed Bath and Beyond for a nice window treatment- still lets in lots of light-

bathroom with the shell/starfish nicknacks and the sea glass beads - looking a little more finished ---

and one more room I worked on early on- the screened porch- which Penny and Lucy think is just great! I found this set of outdoor wicker for a very reasonable price all packed into one box - the ottomans nest into the chairs which fit together in an H pattern around the table - very nifty and the size is not gigantic as the porch is not really all that wide and this gives us some room to move around on it-

above the view of the lake through the screens and below- Penny enjoying a rest on one of the ottomans...

and here is a shot of Lucy on the patio - in the courtyard in the front-

I ordered a table to go with the chairs we bought and were using at the rental- it is cast aluminum and has a lovely laser cut pattern which made a pretty cool shadow on the slate paving stones in the courtyard-

the courtyard is "caged" - open to the sky but screened- so Lucy gets the sense she is roaming freely in the outdoors but is actually still inside the confines of her home... we are surrounded by wonderful trees and lush vegetation.

our bedroom overlooks the courtyard and the guest bedroom opens onto the screened porch view-

one of the things we accomplished before we left was to get two of the closets fitted with California Closet style finishes-

so little by little we make progress- and the night before we moved in we brought friends Lew & Ellie over to see the place and then two days after we moved in CBGB came to lunch and we welcomed friends to our new place.  we also had our real estate agent for drinks to celebrate - so we had champagne in the frig even if there was no food - LOL - we have our priorities!

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