Monday, April 8, 2013

more incredible theater

we headed home on Easter Sunday and arrived on Monday night- by Thursday we were back into the depths of a busy social calendar.  On Thursday night we saw another amazing play- one I am still thinking about days later-

The play was The City and The City- an is extremely hard to describe in a short synopsis so I am going to just take from the theater's own materials-

the theater is right across from the El tracks near the Morse station-

an art installation is the neighbor next door-

as if we hadn't seen enough incredible theater in the last couple of weeks on Friday we also saw ANOTHER good play - at the Timeline Theater-

two more winners in our recent theater outings- and we have two more chances in the next two weeks as we go to Remy Bumppo for Creditors and to Northlight to see Stones in His Pocket.... will let you know how those are----

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