Monday, March 10, 2014

ch ch changes....

yes I know I sound like a broken record but seriously - I mean it when I say GO NOW- things never stay the same- and in my experience they rarely get better-

there is no way anything will hold the thrill of DISCOVERY on the second trip but still one always hopes-

however, given that the Medina in Fes is a UNESCO World Heritage site I had hoped that would minimize the changes - alas...not to be-

here is the photo I took in 2000 that caused me to want to return all these years later--- you can see from the resolution that this was clearly pre-digital... and part of the reason I wanted to return was to be able to update my photos with the clarity of digital.... oh well, best laid plans...

here is a similar shot from this trip- you can see there are almost no working tanning pits left -

this is a closer shot of the tanning pits from my first trip-

I frequently bemoan this very same issue- see this past post on my blog and another on AFAR where I also post travel photos-

the same theme over and over - but Phil and I say this to each other all the time- go now! go now! go now!

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