Monday, March 10, 2014

more of the medina

after being fortify with our very expensive lunch we head to another medrasa (this one I had actually been to in my last trip - remembered only because of the photos) and then onward in the souks until we found a museum in a converted carvan serai... then to the leather tanneries (or what's left of them- mostly they are there for show and real operations have been moved outside the city) and eventually back to the hotel- where we have a brief rest and then off to dinner and a "lecture" by a professor from a local university.  The lecture was actually more of a discussion but it was a lovely evening and the food was good as was the company.

back out to the "streets" -

on to the tanneries-

the showroom below the viewing platform- had many things on offer- LOL- no surprise there!

the restaurant where we had dinner- and our salad course which was quite the same from one place to another but always a lovely spread...

tomorrow we are off to Roman ruins and Meknes (both UNESCO World Heritage sites)- so stay tuned!

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