Monday, March 10, 2014

into the medina

so we return to the Blue Gate- to start our exploration of the Medina in earnest... the blue gate is blue coming in and green going out-

the minaret in the center of the view through the blue gate is the one we visited earlier - a combination mosque and medrasa...

as we walk away from the area right inside the gate we are immediately transported into medieval times - the narrow lanes bustling with souks of food and clothing and leather work and metal work.... all within an absolute maze- I suppose that eventually one could find their way out but it certainly would be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the medina...

this is a wall were they run threads before putting them on bobbins (note the threads on the lower portion of the photo)

when we finally stop for lunch we are astounded at the tourist trap we have landed in- our lunch cost more than our lovely dinner at the swanky hotel last night!

above the moroccan salads and below the b'stillah (a chicken and nut pie topped with powdered sugar - strange combo to us)

the meal ends with tangerines - every day fresh tangerines which are in season and just fabulous!

some bobbins for the looms where cloth is made in the textile workshops here in the medina-

we have several more stops to make but there are lots more photos so I will do a second post on this part of our journey...

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