Wednesday, March 12, 2014

we celebrate!

tonight marked the celebration of Phil's retirement from thirty five years of property management! his partners instructed us to have dinner on them and gave us a lavish budget so we could have some fabulous wines at Bern's in Tampa- where we have always enjoyed some of their incredible vintage wines.

we asked CBGB to join us in the celebration because it would be more festive for the four us of to dine together and also give us more wines to enjoy among four of us----and we certainly did tonight--- so a drum roll please.... the wines (with a shout out to Neil and Linda for their lovely acknowledgment of Phil's work for three and a half decades)

there was some disagreement on the "wine of the evening" Chuck and I thought the Moulin-a-Vent and Phil went for Le Corton as the W of E- GA didn't really express a strong opinion--- but regardless of which any one of us picked as our favorite - they were all excellent and the company was as well!!!

Thanks CBGB for the trip to the dessert room! - (and to the Bosworth partner for the greasing the palm of the sommelier and the valet tipping --- LOL) an excellent evening... and thanks again Neil & Linda for sponsoring the event!!!

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