Sunday, March 9, 2014

newlyweds visit

so this past weekend we had a visit from Jennifer and Dave - newlyweds on their Florida honeymoon swing... we had a quick visit before they headed home to Denver... they arrived late Thursday afternoon and were gone by early Saturday evening.  We had dinner Thursday at Blue Marlin in Bradenton Beach and then Friday at Bijou - during the day we did the island historical family tour... DeSoto Memorial site, three golfs courses for info for possible return trips, a boat ride with Captain Patsy out of Cortez fishing village and a spring training game (very chilly) at McKechnie Field where the Pirates lost to the Twins....

so here are a few photos-

we did not get to see Snooty - so that will have to wait until next visit... but as we all know "you can't see it all in one trip!"  next up- back to Fes!

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